African Juggling Convention 2017

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What is a convention ?

A juggling convention is a gathering of amateurs and professionals, in the same geographical space, around the theme of juggling over a relatively short period, usually a week. This regrouping offers jugglers of all levels, an opportunity to mix, meet and exchange around their practices. It also allows them to see shows, entertain, recreate, compete and improve their performance. It has tourism implications for the host country. It allows it to organize commercial activities (fair, sale of juggling equipment, and others) in the sphere of its unfolding.

The first African Juggling Convention (CAJ) will take place in Cotonou (Benin) from 26th August to 03rd September 2017 and will host jugglers from all walks of life.

The Convention site :

Stadium of friendship Mathieu Kérékou, Cotonou (Google Map)

Here is a preliminary project of the future site of the convention:

– gymnastics: acrobatics / aerial / juggling

– fair stands: food, juggling equipment, wealth of the country or the continent

Food shopping:

In addition to the restaurant, you can also do your shopping (list of local shops to come).


in August :
Sun (hour / day): 5
Temp. Avg. Min. : 24 ° C
Temp. Avg. Max. : 26 ° C
Temp record min. : 21 ° C
Max. Recording Temp. : 32 ° C
Precipitation: 0 mm
Rainy days: 3

And in September:
Sun (hour / day): 5

Temp. Avg. Min. : 24 ° C
Temp. Avg. Max. : 27 ° C
Temp record min. : 20 ° C
Max. Recording Temp. : 31 ° C
Precipitation: 65 mm
Rainy days: 6


Ongoing project

Convention’s price:

Weekly tickets are valid for all days of the CAJ (26th August – 03rd September). They include access to all CAJ areas, all events, camping, and a gala show ticket (as long as they are available). Tickets are sold in different phases. Tickets for the first phase will be available until 31 May. Prices will increase from June 1st. This allows us to estimate the number of people participating in the agreement and in precise terms. You will help us enormously by booking your tickets as soon as possible!

Full package (convention + gala):

Adults(more than 16 years old) Teenagers(between 9 years old and 16 years old) Children(less than 9 years old)
March – May 45 Euro/30.000 FCFA 30 Euro/20.000 FCFA Free
June 50 Euro/33.500 FCFA 35 Euro/23.500 FCFA Free
July – August 60 Euro/40.000 FCFA 40 Euro/26.500 FCFA Free
On site 75 Euro/50.000 FCFA 50 Euro/33.500 FCFA Free

Daily ticket (valid from 00h to 24h):

Adults(more than 16 years old) Teenagers(between 9 years old and 16 years old) Children(less than 9 years old)
On Site 15 Euro/10.000 FCFA Free if accompanied
by an adult otherwise

Gala Ticket:

Adults(more than 16 years old) Teenagers(between 9 years old and 16 years old) Children(less than 9 years old)
On Site 7,50€/5.000 FCFA 7,50€/5.000 FCFA 7,50€/5.000 FCFA

• As you know, conventions are not commercial activities but rather voluntary and voluntary. So depending on the season when you want to pay for your ticket, you can pay a little more than the fixed price just to help us in the success of the event. Thank you for your promptness to accompany us

The accesses:
  • airport
  •  train station
  • carpooling
  • bus

A caravan of conventionists is set off on main arteries connecting the site of the convention (Stade de l’amitié Mathieu Kérékou) instead of the launch (Etoile rouge). This parade during which the conventionists develop disputes tables of juggling, is animated by national music and dances. The introductory speeches will be punctuated by intermittent performances. After the launching ceremony, the conventionists return to the Convention site and begin the first activities. The fireworks display the end of the activities of the first day.

Juggling games:

A master of ceremonies organizes things and animates the Games of the juggling. The public, arranged in a large circle, is composed of the participants of the convention but also often of local residents who came to attend the show. When an event is announced by the master of ceremonies, those who want to participate in the event are provided with the necessary equipment and join the center of the circle. The test can then begin.

Open stage :

News coming soon

Gala show :

Date, program, location: info soon

workshops :

No juggling convention without workshop. As usual, come and propose your workshop at the reception. A certificate of animation may be issued to you.

Le tourisme à proximité :

News coming soon

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New Horizon agence de voyage